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Michael House’s project, Lolita’s Butterfly, a documentary feature film that “explores the scientific work of literary icon Vladimir Nabokov”, has moved into its second stage of fund-raising. You can get details at Indiegogo:


House, an American composer and filmmaker based in Paris, has posted rushes and sample clips on the site. He raised more than $4500 in stage one through Indiegogo and is now trying to raise €3,000 in stage two.

Here’s the vimeo of some of the material:

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Here’s a link to a film-in-work on Nabokov’s entomological pursuits, Lolita’s Butterfly, by Michael House, an American composer and filmmaker based in Paris. It looks promising. But I have one problem with it: I don’t get the title. I hope that becomes clear when I see the completed picture.

Lolita’s Butterfly

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