New Draft Pages: Serbo-Croatian

Here are the draft pages for translations in Serbo-Croatian. Twenty-five of Nabokov’s books have been translated into Serbo-Croatian and issued in 60 editions.

A note about Serbo-Croatian: It is one term for the primary language of four of the countries that were once part of Yugoslavia: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Today, however, within each of those countries, speakers identify their languages as Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin. For the sake of the bibliography, though, all translations emanating from those countries (and their previous manifestation as Yugoslavia) have been grouped under the one language name, Serbo-Croatian.

In Serbia Serbo-Croatian is written in both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. In Croatia it is written only in Latin and in Bosnia it is written in both. In Montenegro it is also written in both, but with the preference for the Latin alphabet.

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  1. Robert Nelson’s avatar Događaj: Dramska komedija u tri čina [The event: A dramatic comedy in Three Acts]

    Is interesting in that there is no Item A18. That seems to lie outside your indexing convention.


    1. admin’s avatar

      You have a point. But I can explain.

      In my original 1986 bibliography, I made a slot, A18, for Событие [Sobytie / The event] because it had been published in Russian in the literary journal, Russkie zapiski, in Apr-1938. As I pointed out in the 1986 introduction, I took the literary journal publication dates as the true first publications of Nabokov’s A item Russian works. This was so for Sobytie even though it never appeared alone in book form in Russian. (Dmitri Nabokov did include his English translation of it in A55, the incomplete 1984 collection of Nabokov’s dramatic works, The Man from the USSR and Other Plays. And it was included in A66, the complete 2008 Russian edition of Nabokov’s dramatic works, Трагедия господина Морна. Пьесы. Лекции о драме [Tragediia gospodina Morna: P’esy. Lektsii o drame / The tragedy of Mister Morn: Plays. Lectures on drama].

      That explains the existence of the ghost entry A18. Which of course gives me an A item number from which to hang D item translations of the play, such as, in Serbo-Croatian.



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