A Item Drafts by Date

Vladimir Nabokov: A Descriptive Bibliography, Revised


Item Nr Title Title Translated Draft Date
A28 Lolita Лолита [Lolita] 13-Sep-2013
A82 Russische Lieder Russian Songs 9-Jul-2013
A69 Selected Poems 3-Jul-2013
A68 The Original of Laura (Dying Is Fun) 27-Jun-2013
A81 Poesie Poems 19-Jun-2013
A17 Дар [Dar] The gift 13-Jun-2013
A32 Nabokov’s Dozen 13-Jun-2013
A35 Pale Fire 13-Jun-2013
A24 Bend Sinister 7-Jun-2013
A30 Pnin 7-Jun-2013
A21 The Real Life of Sebastian Knight 18-Sep-2013
A50 Стихи [Stikhi] Poems (1979) 22-May-2013
A51 Lectures on Literature 22-May-2013
A53 Lectures on Russian Literature 22-May-2013
A60 Круг [Krug] The circle 22-May-2013
A63 The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov 22-May-2013
A67 Verses and Versions: Three Centuries of Russian Poetry Selected and Translated by Vladimir Nabokov 22-May-2013
A3 Альманахъ: Два пути [Al’manakh”: Dva puti] Almanac: Two paths 15-May-2013
A4 Николка Персикъ [Nikolka Persik”] Nikolai the Peach
Colas Breugnon
A5 Гроздь [Grozd’] The cluster 15-May-2013
A7 Аня въ странѣ чудесъ [Ania v” stranĕ chudes”] Anna in wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
A14 Камера обскура [Kamera obskura] Camera obscura
Laughter in the Dark
A15 Отчаяние [Otchaianie] Despair 15-May-2013
A16 Приглашение на казнь [Priglashenie na kazn’] Invitation to a beheading 15-May-2013
A54 Lectures on Don Quixote 15-May-2013
A64 Nabokov’s Butterflies: Unpublished and Uncollected Writings 15-May-2013
A62 Собрание сочинений: III [Sobranie sochineniĭ: III] Complete works: III 9-May-2013
A61 Пьесы [P’esy] Plays 3-May-2013
A26 Conclusive Evidence / Speak, Memory Другие берега [Drugie berega] 11-Apr-2013
A22 Nikolai Gogol 28-Mar-2013
A23 Three Russian Poets: Selections from Pushkin, Lermontov and Tyutchev 28-Mar-2013
A25 Nine Stories 28-Mar-2013
A27 Стихотворения: 1929–1951 [Stikhotvoreniia: 1929–1951] Poems: 1929–1951 28-Mar-2013
A29 Весна в Фиальте [Vesna v Fial’te] Spring in Fialta 28-Mar-2013
A13 Подвигъ [Podvig] Glory 22-Mar-2013
A19 The Waltz Invention 22-Mar-2013
A6 Горній путь [Gornïĭ put’] The empyrean path 11-Mar-2013
A39 Nabokov’s Congeries 6-Mar-2013
A8 Машенька [Mashen’ka] Mary 28-Feb-2013
A9 Король дама валетъ [Korol’ dama valet”] King queen knave 28-Feb-2013
A10 Защита Лужина [Zashchita Luzhina] The Luzhin defense 28-Feb-2013
A11 Возвращение Чорба [Vozvrashchenie Chorba] The return of Chorb 28-Feb-2013
A12 Соглядатай [Sogliadataĭ] The eye 28-Feb-2013
A37 Eugene Onegin 20-Feb-2013
A48 Details of a Sunset and Other Stories 23-Jan-2013
A47 Tyrants Destroyed and Other Stories 17-Jan-2013
A43 A Russian Beauty and Other Stories 10-Jan-2013
A58 Рассказы. Приглашение на казнь. Роман. Ессе, интервью, рецензии [Rasskazy. Priglashenie na kazn’. Roman. Esse, interv’iu, retsenzii] Stories. Invitation to a beheading. Novel. Essays, interviews, criticism 2-Jan-2013
A42 Transparent Things 23-Dec-2012
A31 A Hero of Our Time 19-Dec-2012
A40 Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle 19-Dec-2012
A55 The Man from the USSR and Other Plays 19-Dec-2012
A45 Lolita: A Screenplay 27-Nov-2012
A44 Strong Opinions 20-Nov-2012
A56 Переписка с сестрой [Perepiska s sestroĭ] Correspondence with his sister 8-Nov-2012
A36 Notes on Prosody 2-Nov-2012
A38 Nabokov’s Quartet 9-Oct-2012
A34 The Song of Igor’s Campaign 25-Sep-2012
A41 Poems and Problems 25-Sep-2012
A46 Look at the Harlequins! 25-Sep-2012
A49 The Nabokov-Wilson Letters: Correspondence Between Vladimir Nabokov and Edmund Wilson 1940–1971 22-Sep-2012
A52 Lectures on Ulysses 22-Sep-2012
A59 Vladimir Nabokov: Selected Letters: 1940-1977 18-Sep-2012
A33 Poems 24-Jul-2012
A2 Стихи [Stikhi] Poems (1916) 4-Jul-2012
A57 Carrousel 25-May-2012


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