Dubious Ada Inscription Resurfaces

The dubiously lepidopterized <em>Ada</em>

The dubiously lepidopterized Ada dated 1969.

An apparently fraudulent lepidopterized Ada that was highlighted here seven years ago, was recently being offered by Mystery Pier Books in West Hollywood, CA, for $13,500.

Co-proprietor Harvey Jason said on Wednesday that he was unaware of the item’s history and was going to look into it. Two days later the book was removed from the store’s website at mysterypierbooks.com. Jason declined to give the book’s provenance.

The three-part posting about the book, titled “Another Fake Inscription”, appeared in June, 2009.

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  1. James’s avatar

    The cached version of the page is still viewable via Google. I’m slightly surprised that a member of ILAB and the ABAA was taken in, but I suppose it happens to most people at some point. I’m also surprised to see it being described as a “certain investment work” since I understood that those organisations frowned on the promotion of books as investments – for reasons that are especially evident in this case.



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